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New Work

A showcase of work for the exhibition in March 2024
Painting Rewilding 2

Flowers & Trees

When the sun shines there is nothing so vibrant, lushly green and heavily scented as an English summer flower border and I am irresistibly drawn to paint the flowers that grow in my garden. As you know I love to use bright, textural paintwork in my paintings, often applying the colour direct from the pot and using palette knives and plasterers' tools to spread and contour layers and contrasting shades.
Purple Birch in Autumn


Painting my hayfield series gives me the chance to get lost in childlike play with paint and stylised images, whilst creating a semi secret world in the undergrowth of tall grasses.

“Uplifting playing in your Gallery – thank you! Some of me will stay in the Hayfield watching the sky …my heart swelling” Lindsey – at 2012 Spring Exhibition.
Oxeye and Knapweed
Silkscreen 3 - SOLD
My abstract work can be very intuitive and measured as in the ‘Squares’ series, or totally free and expansive as in the ‘Study in…’ series. It offers me total freedom and release combined with an adrenaline rush when the colours smash out of the canvas and play tricks with your eyes!

“I love the COLOUR – the splendour, rich, exquisite, heart-felt, powerful – thank you!” Zanna Spring Exhibition 2012

“Often you are drawn into paintings – Sarah’s come out to greet you!” Anna T

Sea & Sky

I really enjoy playing around with sea and sky, Juxtapositioning the colours of water and air, blending horizons, adding texture and form, creating energy and mystery. All of which gives me lots to work with when immersed in my sea paintings.

“Nearly fell into the turquoise lagoon near the window – fabulous!” Francis - Devon Open Studios 2011
Wave 3


This is a new venture for me:- I started by enlarging a few old photographs of my own dogs and incorporated them into my paintings, then painted a stylised version over the top. The result is a bright, rather jovial, almost kitsch, representation of the pet! I am happy to receive commissions so please feel free to contact me.
Truely Truffle.JPG